Dance Expressions by Debra

"dance to express"

First day of class for the 2018-2019 season is August 27th!


3-4yrs   4:30-5:00pm   Ballet


yrs    5:00-5:30pm   Ballet

               5:30-6:00pm   Tap

               6:00-6:30pm   Hip Hop

*13&up   6:30-7:15m     Ballet 2


7:15-8:00pm  Jazz 2

*15&up   8:00-8:45pm   Modern 3


8:45-9:30pm  Belly dance


Private 4:30-5:00pm    Full

9-10yrs 5:00-5:30pm   Ballet

              5:30-6:00pm   Tap

              6:00-6:30pm   Jazz

              6:30-7:00pm   Hip Hop

*13&up  7:00-7:45pm   Pointe 2/3

*11&up  7:45-8:30pm   Musical Theatre 1/2/3

*15&up  8:30-9:15pm   Hip hop 3



Private 4:30-5:00pm  Full

7-8yrs  5:00-5:30pm   Ballet

             5:30-6:00pm   Tap

             6:00-6:30pm   Jazz/Hip Hop

*13&up 6:30-7:15pm   Hip hop 2

              7:15-8:00pm  Tap 2/3


8:00-8:45pm   Ballet 3


8:45-9:30pm   Jazz 3


3-4yrs  4:30-5:00pm   Tap 

             5:00-5:30pm   Ballet

11&up  5:30-6:00pm    Modern 1

             6:00-6:30pm    Jazz 1


6:30-7:00pm    Hip hop 1


7:00-7:45pm    Modern 2

Adult    7:45-8:30pm    Jazz or Modern


   8:30-9:15pm    Hip hop



Private  4:30-5:00pm 

11&up   5:00-5:30pm  Ballet 1

             *5:30-6:00pm  Pointe 1

              6:00-6:30pm  Tap 1


Private 10:00-10:30am    Full

Adult    10:30-11:15am    Jazz or Modern

Private 11:15-12:00pm    Full

*prerequisite required.  Class placement will be at the instructor's discretion.